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New Member's join National MVPA and get a 2021 Lone Star MVPA Membership FREE!

As a new member, with your paid membership to National MVPA you receive a complementary membership to the Lone Star MVPA until the end of 2021 !
National MVPA Member Benefits
  • The MVPA is much more than great publications:
  • A voice in Washington: The strength of numbers when dealing with local and national legislation that could threaten our hobby and the right to own these historic machines
  • Pre-registration and first entry into the MVPA's Annual Convention, swap meet and vehicle display
  • Support for accurate vehicle restorations with access to Technical Advisors and Vehicle Judging
  • Help finding a military vehicle you can afford from bicycles and jeeps to armored cars and tanks
  • Enjoy the camaraderie and knowledge of 9500 fellow hobbyists worldwide, and a helpful staff for networking assistance
  • Access to the members only section of the MVPA website.
Individual Memberships
  • Individual MVPA Memberships include 10 publications
  • $35.00 U.S. Regular Membership with e-copies of the magazines
  • $50.00 U.S. Regular (2nd Class Postage)
  • $75.00 U.S. First Class (1st Class Postage)
  • $60.00 Canadian Regular (Economy Airmail)
  • $70.00 International Regular (Economy Airmail)

  • Password Protected.
  • Searchable On-line magazines.
  • Access to previous magazine 's and atricles.
  • Magazines will not be mailed to you.

To join the National MVPA, and receive a complementary Lone Star MVPA membership for 2021, please visit or click HERE for National MVPA membership information.